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Kids Water Bottle Donut Shaped

A kids’ water bottle designed to resemble a donut shape is a creative and playful product that combines functionality with a fun aesthetic. These types of water bottles are designed to appeal to children and make hydration more enjoyable. Here are some key features and considerations you might find in a donut-shaped kids’ water bottle:

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  1. Prepare the Bottle: Clean and dry the plastic water bottle thoroughly.
  2. Create the Donut Shape: Cut a strip of brown craft foam sheet long enough to wrap around the body of the water bottle. This will be the “donut” part of the design. Use hot glue to attach the strip around the middle of the bottle, creating the shape of a donut.
  3. Make the Icing: Cut out icing shapes from the assorted colored craft foam sheets. You can cut out wavy strips to mimic icing drizzles or small circles for sprinkles. Get creative with the icing designs!
  4. Attach the Icing: Use hot glue to attach the icing shapes onto the “donut” base. Arrange them as desired to create a colorful and appetizing-looking donut.
  5. Optional Decoration: If you’d like, use permanent markers or paint to add additional details to the donut design, such as shading or highlights to make it look more realistic.


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