Dumbbell Rattle Toy For Babies (Pack Of 2 )


Soft Rattles Teether Toys are a very useful and engaging toy for babies. These toys are soft and easily chewable, helping to soothe a baby’s teething discomfort. Some benefits of these toys include:

  • Soft and Safe: Soft Rattles Teether Toys are very safe for babies as they are soft and gentle, preventing any harm to the baby’s delicate gums.
  • Health benefits: Teether toys help soothe a baby’s gums and keep their mouth healthy. These toys can prevent baby’s teeth from developing cavities and other dental issues.
  • Sensory Development: Rattle toys in these teether toys help in the sensory development of babies by providing them with different textures, sounds, and colors to explore.
  • Engaging and Fun: Soft Rattles Teether Toys are engaging and fun for babies to play with. These toys can help stimulate a baby’s brain and aid in their development.

Overall, Soft Rattles Teether Toys are an excellent option for parents who want to provide their babies with a safe and engaging toy that helps with their sensory development and overall well-being.



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